History of this church

The NTCG has been established in the UK for over 50 years. Since its inception it has grown to be one of the largest Churches of its kind. We have a heritage to be proud of and celebrate the call of God on the pioneers of our Church in the UK.

We were not always at these premises, the church grew out of Barford Road, a small premises and after various moves, we were situated at New Spring Street.  God blessed us and this building became too small to house the numbers of people wanting to worship with us and the Lord supplied our needs by allowing us to purchase our larger current church at George Street west, enabling us to utilise New Spring Street as our place to support communities, other churches and various projects as well  as being our administrative centre.  

George Street West, B18 7HF

George Street West, B18 7HF our place of Worship.

New Spring Street B18 7LG

New Spring Street, B18 7LG our Administration Centre.